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Academic levels

Elementary tutoring (ET-1)

This type of tutoring is designed to meet the needs of primary and elementary students. Its aim is to provide them with basic learning skills in the interest of improved schooling. At this level, tutoring is in the following subjects:

  • Reading (from ABCs to reading)
  • Writing (from ABCs to the formulation of sentences)
  • Mathematics (basic concepts)
  • French (immersion or private courses)
  • English (immersion or private courses)
  • Learning skills (learning strategies)
  • Other specific needs.

Secondary tutoring (ST-2)

This type of academic tutoring is designed to meet the needs of high school students. Its aim is to develop learning skills appropriate to secondary studies and to prevent dropping out of school. At this level of compulsory education, we provide the following services:

  • Reading (analytical, intelligent reading)
  • Writing (essays, term projects, PowerPoints) 
  • Mathematics (intermediate concepts)
  • Biology and other sciences
  • French (grammar, conversation, reading)
  • English (grammar, conversation, reading)
  • Learning skills (learning strategies).