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Advanced level

Reading comprehension

The advanced level in reading comprehension is the level of skill required to understand texts that deal with a wide variety of education-related topics in order to undertake post-secondary or university studies.

Persons reading at this level can:

  • grasp the greater part of the complex details of academic language, and recognize allusions and inferences;
  • fully understand of texts dealing with specialized or less familiar questions;
  • distinguish between main, secondary and tertiary ideas.

Written expression / grammar

The advanced level in grammar brings the skill to write explanations or descriptions in a variety of formal and informal situations related to university studies, and to write texts in which the ideas are developed and presented in a coherent manner in which vocabulary, grammar and spelling are generally appropriate and require few corrections.

Oral proficiency or conversation

The advanced level in oral proficiency allows for the understanding of linguistically complex speech that deals with topics related to university studies and is spoken in standard dialect at normal speed. Persons at this level can give clear, detailed descriptions of complex topics and can summarize reading, research or a discussion. Can express and sustain opinions and respond to complex and hypothetical questions. Have a fairly natural and even delivery, with occasional hesitations, but most hesitations are to look for ideas. Have a broad range of vocabulary and structures allowing them to talk about complex and abstract topics, with a relatively high degree of control. Make errors, but these rarely lead to misunderstanding. Have pronunciation that is clear, even if an accent from another language is noticeable. Have occasional mispronunciations but they rarely interfere with communication.