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Beginner level

Reading comprehension

The beginner level is the lowest level of second-language reading comprehension of texts on topics of limited scope.

Persons reading at this level can:

  • fully understand very simple texts;
  • grasp the main theme of texts about familiar topics, and
  • read and understand simple points of information such as dates, numbers or names from relatively simpler texts in order to perform the routine tasks of a job.

Written expression

Written expression in the second official language evaluates all the levels of competency necessary for diplomats and businesspeople. Learners at this level develop their:

  • ability to write points of information of limited scope in their second language;
  • ability to write isolated words, phrases, simple statements or questions on very familiar topics using words of time, place or person.

Oral proficiency or conversation

Learners at the beginner level can partially understand speech that deals with concrete and routine topics and is delivered slowly and clearly in standard speech. Can make themselves understood in short contributions, even though pauses and false starts are very evident. Can talk about their routine activities and handle a simple question-and-answer exchange. Have sufficient basic vocabulary and grammatical structures to conduct routine transactions involving familiar situations and topics. Use structures and vocabulary borrowed from another language, which can interfere with the clarity of the message. Have pronunciation that requires close attention from the listener, but there are no long stretches that are unclear.