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Program and approaches

  • A customized program that meets the specific needs of international students and is adapted to their learning styles
  • An approach that follows the adult education guidelines
  • A communicative approach centred on test-related activities
  • A socio-cognitive and socio-constructive approach
  • An approach centred on the client and his or her linguistic deficiencies
  • Special emphasis on success strategies
  • Personalized instruction adapted to the learner’s needs.

Basically, our Metacognitive Accommodation Service takes account of:

  • the results of the learner’s diagnostic assessment;
  • the learner’s learning style;
  • the learning mechanism best adapted to the learner’s profile;
  • the technological mediation best adapted to the learner’s profile;
  • the use of auditory and visual media;
  • a metacognitive approach based on learning through awareness.