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Intermediate level

Reading comprehension

The intermediate level is required to understand most descriptive or factual texts on topics related to university or post-secondary studies.

Persons reading at this level can:

  • grasp the general meaning of most texts
  • identify specific details in them

Written expression / grammar

The intermediate level in grammar aims to develop the ability to write short descriptive or factual texts in the second language, and to master the grammar and vocabulary required to deal with explicit information on education-related topics.

Oral proficiency or conversation

Students at the intermediate level can understand the main points of clear standard speech that deals with concrete work-related topics and is spoken in standard dialect at normal speed. Can give a simple description of a concrete topic and explain main points of a speech comprehensibly. Can compare and discuss alternatives when complications arise. Can speak with some spontaneity, although pauses for grammatical and lexical planning and repair are evident in longer stretches. Have sufficient vocabulary and a variety of simple grammatical structures to handle concrete, non-routine situations and topics. May be miscommunicating in some areas, but most stretches are clear. Have pronunciation that is generally clear enough to be understood, despite an evident accent from another language. Will at times be asked by the listener to repeat or clarify.