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Metacognitive Accommodation Service (MAS)

This program is reserved for learners who are faced with serious learning disabilities or have failed a number of language tests. The courses are custom-designed to meet these learners’ needs, once their level has been assessed. This is the prototype of the personalized program, which is offered in particular to individuals with major learning challenges. It is managed by an educational psychologist and adult educator experienced in coaching persons with learning disabilities. In this process, we design courses based on learning strategies devised according to the client’s profile and cognitive style.
Basically, our Metacognitive Accommodation Service takes account of:

Exam Preparation Service (EPS)

This service is reserved for all students preparing to take language skills examinations. Conscious of issues related to stress management and the subsidiary consequences of examinations, New Expertise prepares its learners to deal with language examinations with more calmness, serenity and peace of mind. As Bergeron says, you cannot be effective unless you are happy.