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SLE - Test of Oral Proficiency: description of the test

The Second Language Evaluation Test of Oral Proficiency (SLE-TOP) evaluates your ability to speak and understand your second official language (French or English). A certified assessor administers the test, which includes language activities about work-related topics. The test is administered by telephone or in person, and lasts 20 to 40 minutes. It includes the following four parts.

Part 1: Questions and answers about work or other familiar activities

1)You answer brief questions about your work or other familiar activities (e.g. studies or volunteer activities, if you are not currently employed) for which short, factual responses are expected.
2) Duration: two to six minutes.

Part 2: Evaluation of comprehension and oral expression – short messages and brief conversations

Part 3: Short talk with follow-up questions

Part 4: Evaluation of comprehension and oral expression – long conversation

The TOP gradually becomes more difficult. The assessor will inform you of the different phases of the test. Based on the degree of proficiency you demonstrate during the test, the assessor will determine whether you have to take all four parts of the test, or just the first two or three. The assessor uses a computer to select the questions and play the recordings, and to save the entire test.