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Team and Commitment

A team connected to the language services industry

Our team is constantly updating its learning and applied linguistics strategies. We assess the results of new research in the field and we use it to the benefit of our clients.

We emphasize the client

The client is central at New Expertise. We listen to our clients, assess their learning profiles and analyze their results against their needs. The priority basis of most of the decisions we make is attainment of the learner’s goals. Customer satisfaction is our constant priority. You are our priority.

Our team is results-oriented

We are a team that is oriented toward results. We make every effort to ensure that our clients get the best results. For those preparing for an examination, we do everything in our power to avoid failure. That includes regular verification of skills acquired in relation to the learning objectives. We also run test simulations that place clients in exam situations while providing them with the stability resources they need to succeed.

A team of degree holders

At New Expertise, we have assembled a competent staff of experienced learning advisors and language teachers. They are equipped with substantial teaching resources so they can coach our clients on their academic paths. They go through a rigorous selection process which is followed by professional training. Almost all of them hold bachelor’s degrees in education, applied linguistics, translation or a related field. Some hold master’s degrees and others doctorates in fields related to education, youth special education, adult education or applied linguistics.

In addition, to guarantee the quality of our teaching services, New Expertise makes professional development available to all of its instructors and learning advisors.

A team of experienced employees

We offer a team of experienced professionals who have demonstrated their competency in various learning or translation situations. Our professionals work every day to propose appropriate learning solutions suited to the case of each client. Ours is a team in constant evolution in which personalized coaching is preferred. We work closely with you and for you.

A team with a solid reputation

Our reputation has been built on the quality of the services provided by each member of our team. It is our firm belief that every learner can be successful. We believe that learning is possible. We approach every client on the basis of their learning profile. We show them how to realize their dreams. Testimonials of satisfaction are continually showing up in our email.

Language Training


We provide language training services for federal government employees, diplomats, entrepreneurs, children and parents. Our method is supported by the teaching and adult education guidelines, the communicative approach, and applied linguistics.