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Types of tutoring

Personalized Homework Support Service (PHSS)

Since each student is different, the coaching that he or she is offered has to be different as well. Our personalized tutoring sessions are designed to help students upgrade their skills in reading (decoding and comprehension), mathematics (e.g. problem solving), basic writing (e.g. grammar, writing techniques and organization of ideas), essay papers, and French or English. All programs are designed to suit the learner’s academic level and adhere to the curriculum guidelines proposed by the Ministry of Education.

In addition to participating in skills development sessions and undergoing periodic assessment, students have the opportunity to practise organizational strategies and effective study methods in:

Immersion Student Support (ISS)

Globalization and the internationalization of education are compelling students to acquire skills in a second language of their choice. Second languages have become indispensable these days, and that is why we offer learning support services for students who cannot rely on parental assistance. Our second-language learning advisors fully understand the problems associated with this type of learning. They have designed learning strategies that can speed up the language training of students at all levels. Clients have the choice of receiving their language learning support in private or in a group: at their home if a customized course is chosen, or at their workplace.

Academic Upgrading Service (AUS)

The object of the Academic Upgrading Service (AUS)is to help students who have fallen behind on their academic path, in their program of study or in a particular subject. In such a context, we propose a meeting between the student and one of our learning advisors for an evaluation, which will be followed by the development of an action plan adapted to the student’s needs, to help the student recover the ground that has been lost and regain confidence in his or her abilities. The two parties (tutor and student) will set a certain number of short- and long-term learning objectives in order to achieve the academic upgrading required.

Exam Preparation Service (EPS)

At certain stages of one’s academic career, it is necessary to pass examinations in order to proceed further, such as end-of-term exams, exams for admission to high school or a private or international school, and so forth. Our learning advisors have the skills necessary to ensure appropriate preparation in a particular subject through the use of smart review methods. According to the difficulties noted, the tutor develops an effective review plan for the student that is supported by scheduled exercises and simulations of similar, measurable situations.

Metacognitive Accommodation

Ten percent of students in North America have serious learning problems, including various learning disorders and disabilities, ADD (attention-deficit disorder), ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder), and pervasive developmental disorders (including autism). In the latter case, students need special treatment. To offer each of these students the chance to succeed and grow in a warm environment based on support for learning and on personal and academic development, Quick Learning Group Inc. has assembled a team of teachers and academic advisors who are interested in learning problems. Our learning advisors conduct evaluations to determine the student’s learning objectives. We employ standardized tests to identify each student’s strengths, weaknesses and needs. Analysis of the results is followed by development of a learning program and an approach that is flexible and adapted to the learner in difficulty. All students have the ability to learn and succeed, provided their problems are detected in time and intervention is started as soon as possible. If you are interested in one of the above services, please email us at: