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Written expression (levels A, B and C)

The SLE test of written expression in the second official language evaluates all the levels of skill required for bilingual positions in the Public Service. Each of the skill levels is defined below.

Level A

Can write units of information of limited scope in the second language. Can write isolated words, phrases, simple statements or questions on very familiar topics using words of time, place or person.

Level B

Can write short descriptive or factual texts in the second language. Can write with sufficient mastery of grammar and vocabulary to deal with explicit information on work-related topics.

Level C

Can write explanations or descriptions in a variety of formal and informal work-related situations. Can write texts in which the ideas are developed and presented in a coherent manner in which vocabulary, grammar and spelling are generally appropriate and require few corrections.

An exemption from further second-language written expression testing will be granted to persons who obtain a sufficiently high mark to indicate that they do not need to be evaluated again for this ability.